Polibatam Opens International Class for Business Administration Study Program

NEWS-Polibatam currently has an international class for Business Administration study program. Graduates of this program have the capacity according to the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI). Graduates also have specific abilities in the fields of supply chain, procurement, warehouse management, project management, and become reliable entrepreneurs.

The job prospects of graduates of this study program are very competitive because the Multi Entry Multi Exit (MEME) system allows students to have jobs at several appropriate levels, including: KKNI Level 6 Supply Chain Manager, Managerial Marketer, Freight Forwarder, Entrepreneur; KKNI Level 5 Logistics Project Manager, Operational Marketer, Procurement Manager; KKNI level 4 Warehouse supervisor, Procurement officer; KKNI Level 3 Logistics administration officer, and Warehouse Operator.

To produce competent graduates, interesting courses are presented in the Business Administration (International Class) curriculum include Managing (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) logistics and supply chain activities including procurement, storage, inventory, and delivery by complying with regulations and quality procedures that apply and pay attention to aspects of work safety and the environment; Using technology in managing logistics and supply chains and staying relevant to the latest developments; Develop, evaluate, and implement operational procedures and strategies of transportation and logistics companies; Planning finances, budgets and payments for international trade logistics.

In addition, there are courses designed with the aims to make students are capable of applying economic, management, and business principles to manage human resources in logistics; Developing, evaluating, and implementing operational procedures and company marketing strategies; Developing, evaluating, and implementing a safety, occupational health, and environmental management system (SMK3L); Planning, implementing, and evaluating project logistics systems according to project management principles; Designing, running, and evaluating businesses as well as making business proposals, especially in electronic commerce (e-commerce) platforms.

Lecture rooms and supporting facilities are complete and taught by competent lecturers. Thus, the Business Administration Study Program is ready to produce quality graduates. For complete registration information, please visit https://registrasi.polibatam.ac.id/.

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