Student Activities at Polibatam

Polibatam has become an icon with active student activities including sports, arts, scientific activities, and organizations to develop leadership skills and teamwork. Communities and organizations on campus are quite interesting, remain close and warm in establishing togetherness and the spirit of kinship.

Education isn’t just about getting a degree; thus, it doesn’t stop outside the classroom. At Polibatam, students are encouraged to develop their character & talents in campus communities that align with their interests.

Facilities Around Campus

Adequate places and facilities, comfortable, green environment. We couldn’t imagine a better environment to complement our student life.

Polibatam Campus Facilities

  • Polibatam public library
  • Investment gallery
  • Auditorium
  • Workspace class
  • Health room (UKS)
  • Polibatam cooperative
  • Water refill station
  • Canteen
  • Department student association room
  • Student unit room
  • Student dormitory
  • Archery, football, basketball and volleyball fields
  • Vehicle parking

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