Polibatam Held Achievement Appreciation Night for Outstanding Students and Lecturers

POLIBATAM-Politeknik Negeri Batam Campus held an achievement appreciation night for outstanding students and lecturers in the Auditorium on Tuesday, 12 December 2023. The activity begins with a Mini Expo, namely showcasing products from student competitions at 16.00 – 18.00 WIB, accompanied by a band performance from the Polibatam student organization, Kumpulan Anak Seni (KUAS), and a review of the products from the competition by the MC or presenter.

The peak evening activity started at 19.00 WIB with prayers and recitations by outstanding students and welcoming remarks by the Director of Polibatam, Mr. Uuf Brajawidagda. Then, the event was continued by giving awards to outstanding students and lecturers, which was punctuated by a Kempo performance from outstanding students and a Band performance by the Polibatam KUAS.

For further information about the winners of the achievement appreciation night for Polibatam outstanding students and Lecturers 2023, please click!
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