TOEFL Course in Polibatam Training Center

Maximize your potential in TOEFL! Prepare yourself diligently to achieve success in the TOEFL exam! Join our dedicated TOEFL course that focuses on improving your English skills. With proven learning strategies, intensive practice, and personalized guidance, we are ready to help you achieve a high score in the TOEFL.

Be part of a supportive and inspiring learning community. Start your journey towards superior English skills and a proud TOEFL score. Register now and open the door to international education and career opportunities. Achieve your English success with our TOEFL course!

Private Class
IDR 3.000.000/ 24 Meetings
Reguler Class
IDR 2.000.000/ 24 Meetings


  1. Live interactive Classes
  2. Live Teaching 80 minutes/session
  3. Experienced tutor
  4. Pre-test & Post-test
  5. Personal Feedback
  6. E-certificate

Class Start febuary 2024

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