New Student Admission for the UMPB Pathway Has Been Opened

INFO-New student admission through Batam Polytechnic Entrance Exam (UMPB) selection path has been opened since January 3, 2022. The UMPB is a written exam that is administered independently by Politeknik Negri Batam, and participants can only have one choice of Study Programs at Polibatam. In accordance with the type of the program, including the entrance examination for the Diploma 3 & Diploma 4 (Applied Bachelor) Morning Regular, Diploma 3 & Diploma 4 (Applied Bachelor) Evening Regular, and Industrial Class.

For all #PolibatamFriends who want to know about registration requirements, examination registration mechanisms, selection methods and criteria, UMPB path selection activity schedule, re-registration requirements, re-registration mechanism, payment procedures of tuition and institutional development, tuition fees (single tuition/ SPP), and institutional development fees, please click on this link

Come on #PolibatamFriends, register soon!

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