The Success of Launching the Batik Girl Animated Film Series, Episode 1: Ficusia

NEWS-Polibatam together with the Cinderella Indonesia Foundation and the Second Chance Foundation have successfully organized the “Launching Batik Girl Animated Film Series: FICUSIA (Episode 1).” This event was held in the Main Building, Polibatam Auditorium Room on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. This animated film is to convey to the younger generation about the dangers of drugs delivered in fantasy.

This Batik Girl Animation Series is a learning activity in Polibatam that is packaged with the Project-Based Learning method involving 69 students across majors. This program is supported by the Australian Government through the Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS) program which is administered by the Australia Awards in Indonesia.

“We really hope that this film can make a positive contribution not only to Indonesia but also to the world and make Batam On the Map.” said Lusia as the Chairperson of the Cinderella Indonesia Foundation.

This animated film series, can be watched at thias link:

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