The Academic Directorate of Vocational Higher Education Visits the PBL Implementation Workspace at Politeknik Negeri Batam

NEWS – Project/Product/Problem-Based Learning or commonly abbreviated as PBL, has begun to be echoed since 2020 at Vocational Colleges, especially at Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) which aims to improve students’ abilities in finding, solving, and overcoming problems. Besides, they also practice making projects.

Polibatam had the opportunity to share the PBL method with the Academic Directorate of Higher Education, which was directly represented by Beny Bandanadjaja as the Director, Sawitri Isnandari as the Directorate, and several staff. Several Vocational Colleges also attended the event, including Politeknik Negeri Jakarta, Politeknik Manufaktur Bandung, and Politeknik Negeri Jember.

This activity also brings PBL implementing objects, i.e., Industrial Partners as stakeholders which are very important in the goal of realizing quality PBL including PT. Sumitomo, Philips Industries, PT. MES Technology Indonesia, and PT. PLN Bright.

“The implementation of PBL is very important, especially in accordance with the basic rules, principles, and guidelines in order to create a quality learning process. In addition, the role and support of industrial partners to provide space or opportunities for collaboration is one of the keys to PBL.” Said Uuf. “They will be given a group project. That’s where students will learn how to collaborate, communicate, soft problems, think critically, and of course hone creativity,” added Uuf.

That’s why we have to apply PBL into learning methods, especially for higher vocational education,” said Beny .

The visit was closed with a group photo in front of the Polibatam Technopreneur Building which is the place for PBL in Polibatam.
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