Public Relations National working meeting of Directorate General of Vocational 2022

NEWS-The 2022 Directorate General of Vocational Public Relations (PR) National Work Meeting Raises the Theme: Talking about Vocational Talks for the Future. It has been attended by representatives of work units under the auspices of the Directorate General of Vocations. This event will be held on Monday-Thursday 28-31 March 2022 at Harris Hotel & Conventions Bekasi. This theme has been raised so that the flagship programs of Vocational High School Center for Excellence(SMK PK) and Merdeka Belajar (independent learning) for Vocational could be more massively known by the public. PR in each work unit should make a good communication strategy to the community with all existing platforms that can be used.

This event was opened directly by the Secretary General of Vocational Dr. Wartanto “Speaking of communication is to design a solid PR team to carry out publications and communications as well as strategies to the public”, said Wartanto.” Program socialization is carried out so that Vocational education is better known by the wider community, so that public interest in entering Vocational education increases. There are many successful graduates from Vocational. Hopefully Vocational education will be more great and loved by the community and graduates can show the greatness of our nation, “explained Wartanto in his speech.

In the future, there needs to be more synergy between the work units and institutions so that they can support each other, especially in the two main programs that will currently be focused on, i.e. the SMK PK program and the Kampus merdeka belajar (independent learning campus). Polibatam PR also participated in this event and was ready to make the main program of the Director-General of Vocations a success. The SMK PK program is currently also running on the Polibatam campus with several State Vocational Schools in Batam.

The independent campus program at Polibatam that has been running includes the one-year internship program, PBL-based learning, and the industrial internship program for both students and lecturers has also been running. Hopefully, by participating in the 2022 national vocational PR work meeting, Polibatam’s PR programs will get better, and Vocational education will be increasingly in demand by the public. Strong Vocational Strengthening Indonesia.

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