Pre-Launch Event Episode 1 & Preparation for Episode 2 Ficusia Animation Project, Cooperation of Polibatam Animation Study Program and Cinderella Indonesia Foundation

NEWS-Lusia Kiroyan as chairman of the Cinderella Indonesia Foundation, in her speech revealed that the idea of ​​the batik girl animation project started from her confusion of wanting to promote batik girl and campaigning for the younger generation without drugs. However, that was hampered by the pandemic until finally the idea came up to campaign through animation products because it was considered more effective and able to reach millennials.

Lusi is actively promoting the Polibatam students’ animation product both nationally and in America and even appearing on VoA Indonesia. She also expressed her gratitude to the students and polibatam’s support for this program. This pre-launch event was held at One Batam Mall as well as a joint ifthar. Polibatam was represented by the Director of Polibatam, Uuf Brajawidagda, the Head of Informatics Engineering Department, Sudra Irawan, the Head of Animation Study Program, Selly Artaty Zega, lecturers and staff of the Animation Study Program and the team animation who working on this project.

“We are also happy, in fact very happy to be working with the Cinderella Indonesia Foundation to work on this animated film project entitled Ficusia. Besides, our students being able to deepen the field in animation. On the other side, Indonesia through Mrs. Lusi can be known in America,” said Uuf.
Go Forward Polibatam Animation and Best Regards from Polibatam,

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