Politeknik Negeri Batam Teams Take Home Two National Level Awards from National Unmanned Fast Boat Contest (KKCTBN) 2023

POLIBATAM-At the end of October 2023, Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) again recorded a national level achievement. This time’s agenda is the National Unmanned Fast Ship Contest/Kontes Kapal Cepat Tak Berawak Nasional (KKCTBN) 2023, which is organized by the Indonesian Talent Development Center-National Achievement Center-Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture with the theme “Strengthening Technological Independence and National Ship Innovation.” Politeknik Negeri Batam was one of the colleges that succeeded in receiving this national-level award.

The team that has been determined to take part in the KKCTBN was a collaboration of 4 (four) departments, including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Engineering and Business Management.

The cross-department team of Polibatam succeeded in winning two awards from the 2 categories contested at the event, which was held at the University of Indonesia on 22-25 October 2023. The announcement of this competition was conveyed at the closing ceremony of KKCTBN 2023 on Wednesday, 25 October 2023, at the Purnomo Prawiro Multipurpose Hall Building, University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java, by the team of judges.

The achievements achieved were the 2nd runner-up in the DIT (Design Innovation & Technology) Division, which was achieved by Navtech Polibatam Team 2. The second achievement was the winner in the Best Spirit category of the LBFERC (Leisure Boat Fuel Engine Remote Control) Division, which was achieved by Hydromodelling Polibatam Team 2.

The DIT Division (Navtech Polibatam Team 2) consists of 6 students. There are 4 students from the Mechanical Engineering Department on behalf of Jansen Anugrah Siregar, Floribertus Rio Ferdinand, Vina Olivia, Age Ramadianto, and 2 students from the Informatics Engineering Department on behalf of M. Irsyad Khairi and Jeremy Amanda Putra Tarihoran. The team’s supervisor is Mr. Danang Cahyagi, ST., MT.

Meanwhile, Hydromodeling Polibatam Team 2 consists of 4 students. There are 3 students from the Mechanical Engineering Department, namely Eko Wahyu Haryanto, Mezio Aransyah, Pacsy Melia Jala Dana, and a student from the Business Management Department, on behalf of Vania Yolita Lathersia Situmorang. The team’s supervisor is Mr. Hendra Saputra, ST., M.Eng.

In the 2023 KKCTBN agenda, 88 teams qualified for the final stage from 33 universities/polytechnics/colleges throughout Indonesia, but only a few teams were able to receive national-level awards. At the closing ceremony, all participants present, led directly by the KKCTBN organizer, gave their final awards and respects to the late Muhammad Tsaqif Nofriza, one of the members of the Polibatam delegation team who died before us all.

The entire academic community of the Polibatam campus congratulates the Polibatam Nactech Team on their achievements.
Greetings Polibatam

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