Polibatam Won in Various National Competitions and the Implementation of PBL Expo Polibatam is a Success

ACHIEVEMENT-The competition season has started, from local to national competitions that Polibatam has participated in. The National Polytechnic Informatics Student Competition or Kompetisi Mahasiswa Informatika Politeknik Nasional (KMIPN) IV, Accounting Olympiad (OAV), and National Tax Fair (PRPN) were participated by Politeknik Negeri Batam and were able to win.

In the KMIPN IV event which was held in Polibatam as the host on 2-3 August 2022, Polibatam won 1st place in the cyber security category with a team consisting of Joy G. A, Isnaeni H. Y., and Jean T. T. with Hamdani Arif as the mentor lecturer; 2nd place in the animation category with a team consisting of Muh. Dimas A., Rani N., Dwi A. S., Mariska M., and Ahmad F. W.; the winner of the best implementation in the internet of things (IoT) category with a team consisting of Muh. Ibn F., Ana Mufida, Moh. Zain A.M., Adam F., Amira A. A., Kirani, and Samudra A.; the winner of best teamwork in the game development category with a team consisting of Adilah P. Nafisah, Timoty R. P. S., Ade T. S.; and the E-Government category with a team consisting of Kristen B. N. T., Benri S., and Nadya.

In the OAV event which was held at the Politeknik Negeri Malang on August 1, 2022, won 3rd place in the poster category with the poster title “CDIO Framework: A Solution of The Project-Based Learning Problem in Polibatam Accounting Study Program” with a team consisting of Arya R., Ayu R., and Fadillah; 1st and 2nd runners-up in the Dexagon War category with the 1st runner-up team include Ropi M. and Ayu R. The 2nd runner up team include Virgin and Fadillah.

Then, at the PRPN event which was held at Politeknik Keuangan Negara STAN on the same date, August 1, 2022, Mega M won the PRPN poster favorite winner. The 2nd place in PRPN tax movie was won by the SEREMPAX team consisting of Nadia, Ibnu, Qiara, Indah, and Aisha. The PRPN Tax Movie Favorite Champion was won by the CARVIDAY team consisting of Charli R., Diva S., Widya M., Shawn G., Bagas P., and Ahadil M. Finally, the best Tik Tax video was won by Fernando S., Freshsyla, Dhea R., Inayatun M., Joice V., Lidya N., and Dwi W.

“This national-level competition is a routine activity that is held every year (KMIPN IV, OAV, and PRPN). Alhamdulillah, this year we can win again at the National level,” said the Director of Polibatam, Uuf Brajawidagda.

In addition to participating in various national level competitions, Polibatam also held a PBL Expo which attended by 104 teams with 11 categories.