Polibatam Won 1st and 2nd Place at the National Level at the 2nd Indonesia Sales Competition (ISAC) 2021

ACHIEVEMENT-Two of Politeknik Negeri Batam students won national level achievements in the 2nd Indonesian Sales Competition (ISAC) 2021 held on 3, 8-9 December 2021. The two students, Fasisal Amri N, won the first place in ISAC 2021 and Thania Endri won the second place. ISAC is an annual national-scale B2B sales competition initiated by members of the SEASAC (South-East Asian Sales Competition) consortium from Indonesia including Universitas Bina Nusantara, UNPAR, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Universitas Putra Indonesia – YPTK Padang, Politeknik Negeri Batam, and the South-East Asian Open Learning Center (SEAMOLEC). Through ISAC, students are challenged to demonstrate skills and behavior as a B2B sales professional based on the cases given in each session. In each sales meeting session, participants will face buyers from industry practitioners and act in front of independent judges who are industry practitioners in Batam and lecturers who are competent in the field of sales & marketing.

For the 2nd ISAC in 2021, Politeknik Negeri Batam is the host. This event is also sponsored by the Kepulauan Riau Industrial Estate Association (HKI Kepri), whereby the case raised at this time was about B2B sales for industrial areas. This competition was conducted in a hybrid manner which the preliminary round was conducted online via Zoom and the semi-finals and finals were held offline in Batam with several judges attending online. ISAC II was attended by 51 students from 16 universities in Indonesia. The competition is divided into 3 rounds, namely the qualifying round, the semi-final round, and the final round.

The winners of the competition at the 2nd Indonesia Sales Competition (ISAC) in 2021 are:

1st place: Faisal Amri N (Polibatam)

2nd place: Thania Endri (Polibatam)

3rd place: Cherry Marlencia (Unpar)

4th place: Calista Grace H (Unpar)

5th place: Livia Maharani (Binus)

6th Place: Jesyca Greslin A (Unpar)

This ability in the field of sales & marketing is highly required in the industrial and business world, and ISAC is a competition that will produce competent figures in this field. Hopefully this proud achievement can motivate Polibatam students to continue to be able to outstanding in accordance with the fields of interest and be contested at the regional, national and international levels.

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