Polibatam Teams Won 9 Trophies at the Vocational Accounting Olympiad VI 2023

POLIBATAM-Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) team won 9 trophies from various categories that were contested at the Vocational Accounting Olympiad/Olimpiade Akuntansi Vokasi (OAV) VI 2023. The results of this competition were announced at the closing ceremony of the National Vocational Accounting Symposium/Simposium Nasional Akuntansi Vokasi (SNAV) XI and the OAV VI on Thursday, 27 July 2023 at the Platinum Hotel Balikpapan.

Polibatam sent 16 students from the Department of Business Management, i.e., 3 students from the Accounting Study Program and 13 students from the Managerial Accounting Study Program. The teams sent were 2 CCA teams, 3 Dexagon teams, 3 Poster teams, 3 Video teams, and 2 LKI teams.

The achievements of the Polibatam Business Management Department Team at the 2023 OAV VI event were:
1. 1st Winner in the most solutive category poster: Citra Dewi and Afrido Rizki Akbari.
2. 1st Winner in Video Content for the Tereffort category: Sekar Aulia Ayuri, Yesica Fitri Siagian, and Chindy Armesia Award.
3. 3rd Place in the Most Creative Category Poster Competition: Yesica Fitri Siagian and Sekar Aulia Ayuri.
4. Runner-up in the Most Innovative Poster Category: Fadillah and Virgin Lisami Hutabarat.
5. 1st winner in Dexagon War: Qori Afifah Nur Awaliya and Viona Salsabila Anggreini.
6. 3rd Place in Dexagon War: Citra Dewi and Jasmine Afifah.
7. 1st Winner in the Most Creative Category Video Content: Jasmine Afifah, Siska Ayu Yulianingsih, and Viona Salsabila Anggreini.
8. 1st Winner in the Educational Category Video Content: Arga Fawwaz Herdianto, Citra Dewi, and Qori Afifah Nur Awaliya.
9. 3rd Place in LKI in the Best Presenter category: Arga Fawwaz Herdianto, Citra Dewi, and Qori Afifah Nur Awaliya.

In addition, Arga and Siska also ranked 11th in the Dexagon War category, and the Polibatam Team in the CCA category, namely Zamry, Sri, and Firly, entered the semifinals to rank 8th. Meanwhile, Rista, Afdah, and Ibnu entered the preliminary round to rank 22nd in the event.

OAV is a meeting place for Diploma accounting students throughout Indonesia which was initiated in an effort to prepare the seeds of prospective professional accountants. Through organizing this activity, OAV is expected to benefit students, educators, universities, practitioners, and companies significantly. OAV is also to show the success of the learning process on each campus in the transfer of understanding or transfer of knowledge as well as being their arena of competition. This OAV activity has several branches of competition, including scientific work competitions, accounting quizzes, and the Dexagon war.

SNAV XI and OAV VI were held at Politeknik Negeri Balikpapan on 25-26 July 2023 with the theme “New Era of Accounting-Sustainability Technology and Post-Pandemic“. “Congratulations and success to the coaching lecturers and the Polibatam students teams for their achievements in the Vocational Accounting Olympiad 2023 event which was held at Politeknik Negeri Balikpapan,” said Zaen, Deputy Director 3 of Polibatam.

The academic community of the Politeknik Negeri Batam campus congratulates all the teams and supervisory lecturers at the Business Management Department who have made the Polibatam campus alma mater proud at the OAV VI 2023 event.
Greetings Polibatam

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