Polibatam Team Represents Indonesia Won Gold Medal in the WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 Event, Industrial Automation Category in Singapore

POLIBATAM-Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) became one of Indonesia’s representatives at Singapore’s 13th WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 event. At this event, the Polibatam Team won gold in the Industrial Automation category of the WorldSkills ASEAN 2023. This event was held on 22 – 27 July 2023 in Singapore. Indonesia became the overall champion at the 13th Worldskills ASEAN 2023. Deputy Minister of Manpower, Afriansyah Noor, said this result was obtained after the Indonesian delegation won 27 medals: 14 gold, eight silver, three bronze, and two medallions.

“Alhamdulillah, the team from Indonesia succeed in becoming the overall champion of the 13th WorldSkills ASEAN in Singapore. WorldSkills ASEAN is an arena for excellence in vocational education skills for young talents in the ASEAN region. Hopefully, in 2025 in the Philippines, we can also win the overall championship again with our young generations’ extraordinary skills and abilities,” said the Minister of Manpower, Ida Fauziah.

The Deputy Director of Polibatam is also proud and grateful for the achievements that have been achieved by Polibatam students who were chosen to represent Indonesia and won the WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 event. “Alhamdulillah, Polibatam won a gold medal in the WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 for the Industrial Automation category. All praise be to Allah, with whom goodness is perfected,” said Rifi as Deputy Director 1 of Polibatam.

All academics of the Polibatam campus congratulate the Polibatam team for making Indonesia proud at the international level at the WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 event. Hopefully, this achievement can inspire other Polibatam students to be able to make the name of their beloved alma mater proud,
Greetings Polibatam.

Source: Ministry of Manpower Public Relations Bureau

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