Polibatam Tax Center Provides Briefing to Tax Volunteers

NEWS-Polibatam Tax Center chaired by Mrs. Wika Arsyanti Putri in collaboration with the Directorate General of Taxes for the Riau Islands Province to carry out community service activities by providing tax briefing to tax volunteers to help taxpayers report their Annual Tax Return (SPT). The activity was attended by participants from various universities in Batam City. Polibatam is one of the colleges that helps increase state revenue by forming tax volunteers.

The briefing is undertaken virtually using the Zoom application. The material debriefing was attended by Jendir S. Saragih, a young expert tax instructor, and Asih Widhi Tresnadi, a mentor from the General Director of Regional Taxes for the Riau Islands Province. “Tax reporting no longer needs to be carried out manually or in crowds to attend the tax office, especially in the midst of a pandemic. All activities should be done digitally. The General Director of Taxes of the Republic of Indonesia creates a digital receptacle for reporting taxes for taxpayers, namely e-filling ” said Jendir.

This activity is a real effort for Polibatam as one of the participations towards the State to assist development and state revenue. The progress of the State can be seen from the development that was established. One of the developments that are established can be established from taxes, one of which comes from the acquisition of an individual or entity that already has income. Therefore, an individual should contribute to paying taxes because wise people pay taxes.

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