Polibatam Supports the Inauguration of IA ITB Regional Management of Riau Islands Province

POLIBATAM-Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) through the Research and Industry Affiliation Institute/Lembaga Afiliasi Penelitian dan Industri (LAPI-ITB), which is one of the foundations for the establishment of the Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam), has inaugurated the Alumni Association (IA-ITB) management for 2023-2027.

Where the chairperson of IA-ITB Riau Islands 2023-2027 is the Deputy Director II of Polibatam, Bambang Hendrawan, who is an ITB alumni in 1994. Several Polibatam lecturers and staff who are alumni were also appointed. In addition to the IA-ITB inauguration activity, Polibatam also had the opportunity to hold a Sharing Session with the General Chairperson of IA-ITB, Gembong Primadjaja, with the theme Career Prospects and Entrepreneurship in the Ecosystem of the Energy Industry. After the Sharing Session, it was followed by a Campus Tour to see the facilities and infrastructure in Polibatam.

The event continued with the inauguration of the IA-ITB Riau Islands Regional Administrators for 2023-2027 which was attended by IA-ITB central administrators and ITB alumni. Led by the General Chairperson of IA-ITB, the administrators were sworn in by reading the Riau Islands IA-ITB Management Decree. After being inaugurated, it was followed by a Tausiyah and Iftar session.

Gembong added that he did not think that ITB Kepri alumni were as enthusiastic and cohesive as this. “I hope that the inauguration of IA-ITB of the Riau Islands Regional Management will be able to strengthen the friendship of ITB alumni, especially those in the Riau Islands Province,” said Gembong. Congratulations and success for IA-ITB Riau Islands Regional Management.