Polibatam successfully hosted and won many IBAC 2023 Trophies

POLIBATAM-Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) successfully hosted the International Business Administration Competition (IBAC) 2023. 20 polytechnics throughout Indonesia attended this competition and participated by the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Polytechnic from the neighboring country, Malaysia. In total, there were 153 participants from 9 competition branches.

IBAC is an annual activity that is also a competition and achievement event for students majoring in Business Administration/Commerce, Polytechnics and Vocational Schools at the international level. IBAC 2023 was held from 8-11 August 2023 in Batam City. The IBAC 2023 activity was in conjunction with the Vocational Show, the Polibatam Fair, and the PBL Expo.

With pride, the Politeknik Negeri Batam teams succeeded in bringing champions from various existing competitions. The achievements of the Polibatam team were:

  1. 1st National Winner Business Data Processing Competition was won by Reza Virgiawan.
  2. 1st National Winner Secretarial Competition was achieved by Frinki.
  3. 2nd National Winner Secretarial Competition was gained by Feny Rafidah.
  4. 3rd National Winner in the Master of Ceremony Competition was achieved by Muhammad Faruq Azhar.
  5. The 3rd International Winner Business Plan Competition was won by Al Kahfi (team leader), consisting of Novta Putriyani and Annisa Athifah Syaffelly.
  6. The Best Attractive Business Data Processing Competition was achieved by Diva Saskia.
  7. The best Content Meeting Planning Competition was won by Bagas Pratama Putra.
  8. Best Organize Filing Competition was achieved by Widya Malianti.
  9. The Best Performance in the Master of Ceremony Competition was gained by Thania Nursyabila Endri.
  10. Best Speaker Business Presentation Competition was won by Lidia Putri.
  11. The Best Idea and Innovation Business Plan Competition was won by Sita Khofifah (team leader), consisting of Yohana Labora Napitupulu and Ellena Dwi Ramadhani.

All the aforementioned winners of the IBAC 2023 competition are active student representatives from Polibatam. Hopefully, with the implementation of this activity, a good relationship will be established between fellow Polytechnics, and other students can be motivated to participate in this competition.

Thank you to all parties who have participated in making Polibatam successful as the host of this international-level event.
Greetings Polibatam