Polibatam Students Enter the Best Nomination in the National Student Competition in the Fields of Business, Management, and Finance (KBMK) 2023

POLIBATAM-Polibatam students made another national level achievement in the national level student competition in business, management, and finance (KBMK), i.e., the best 5 at the national level in the field of business planning and the best 10 at the national level in the field of investment research in 2023. KBMK 2023 has the theme “Manifestation of the ESG Concept in Supporting Indonesia’s Chairmanship in ASEAN in 2023 for the Development of a Blue Economy and Strengthening Maritime Development in the Indo-Pacific Region within the Framework of the Fields of Business, Management, and Finance”.

This competition was held online for the preliminary and offline for the final at IPMI International Business School, Jakarta. Polibatam sent five representatives to this competition. Two representatives were able to enter the final stage, and Polibatam was the only Polytechnic that sent two representatives from 482 teams from all tertiary institutions.

The following achievements were obtained by Polibatam students in this event:
1. The best 5 at the national level in business planning from 158 teams and able to beat UGM, UI, and other well-known campuses. This team comprises Eca Syaharani, Helya Amalia (AM 2020), and Sella Anjani (ABT 2021).
2. The best 10 at the national level from 92 colleges alongside UB, UGM, UNUD, UI, and other well-known campuses in investment research. This team includes Jenni Tesya, Risma Sugiarti, and Hanifah Setianingrum (AM 2020).
3. The two teams obtained Impressive Traditional Costumes where Polibatam wore traditional clothes of origin, i.e., Malay custom, in the KBMK 2023 closing ceremony dress parade.

The KBMK Final event was held on 7-11 August 2023 at IPMI International Business School, organized by the Indonesian Talent Development Agency/Badan Pengembangan Talenta Indonesia (BPTI) National Achievement Center/Pusat Prestasi Nasional (Puspresnas) Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) of the Republic of Indonesia.

The KBMK final consisted of 5 fields of competition and was attended by 482 teams from 309 colleges throughout Indonesia. The Polibatam team who participated in this competition were directly guided by supervisors, i.e., Riyadi Aprayuda, S.E., M.Ak., and Winanda Wahana Warga Dalam, SE., M.Acc.

“Congratulations to the Polibatam teams and the supervisors for their achievements in the 2023 KBMK, which have been able to penetrate the Top 10 and have competed with the 10 best tertiary institutions, including UI, UGM, ITB, IPB, UNY, UB, UNUD, UNPAD, UNHAS, and other big campuses,” said Bambang Hendrawan as Deputy Director II for Polibatam Public Administration and Finance.
Greetings Polibatam.

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