Polibatam Short Tour with Journalists of Media in Batam and Assistant for Government and Welfare of the Batam City Government

NEWS- Established for more than 21 years, Alhamdulillaah Polibatam has contributed a lot to the development of the Riau Islands Province, especially Batam City. Polibatam’s vision as a bridge for industrial partners in Batam is slowly being fulfilled with the Project/Problem/Product Based Learning (PBL) learning method, providing facilities to support student creativity, as well as various admission routes for prospective students.

14 Batam City journalists and Assistant for Government and Welfare of the Batam City Government, Yusfa Hendri, visited Polibatam to find out about the learning process and facilities and also help promote to the wider community the quality of education that Polibatam provides to students.

The tour began with a brief explanation of the development of Polibatam by the Director of Polibatam, Uuf Brajawidagda, together with Deputy Director II, Bambang Hendrawan, and lecturers from various departments at Polibatam. After the presentation, the short tour started by visiting the animation lab and screening the video for the animated series Ficusia in the theater room of the Polibatam Technoprenenur Center building. The visit was continued by visiting the Polibatam Hangar, Teaching Factory facilities and the Robotics Study Program laboratory.

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