Polibatam Ranked 5th in the International Robot Contest in Thailand; Also Ranked 4th in Scientific Challenge

ACHIEVEMENT- Entering the second semester of 2022, the first State College/Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (PTN) in Riau Islands, Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) won 5th place in the RoboCup Soccer Middle Size League event, RoboCup in Bangkok, Thailand. This international scale event is held from Monday (11/7/2022) to Sunday (17/7/2022). “This achievement is very proud for Polibatam, Riau Islands, as well as Indonesia because the Barelang 63 Polibatam team is one of three Indonesian representative teams that competed in the robot event in the White Elephant Country,” said Uuf, the director of Polibatam.

Meanwhile, the supervisor of the Barelang 63 Polibatam team, Hendawan Soebhakti, S.T., M.T., added that the team consisted of 10 students accompanied by three lecturers as supervisors. The team’s achievement was spectacular because this was the first time this team had competed to represent Polibatam/Indonesia in an international event.

“As many as 15 Robucup leagues with 6,000 participants from 45 countries participated. The competition is fierce and tough. In this league, there are 10 teams that qualify, including the Netherlands, China, Japan, and Indonesia. Thank God the Barelang 63 Polibatam Team ranked 5th place in the RoboCup Soccer Middle Size League,” said Hendawan. In addition, Hendawan added that the Barelang 63 Polibatam team also tested its capabilities by displaying the technology that Polibatam relied on and possessed in the Scientific Challenge. Here, the team again won the achievement of fourth place (ranked 4th).

”This success is due to the prayers and hard work of the students, the guardians/parents of the students, and the Polibatam Academic Community. This is an achievement for all of us,” said Hendawan, touched. (*)
Source: Batam Pos

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