Polibatam Launches SILAM (Student Information and Service System)

NEWS-Batam State Polytechnic Campus launches Student Information and Services System (SILAM), which is a place for information and services for students. Information regarding scholarships, graduations, counseling, satisfaction questionnaire, and tuition fee services are available at SILAM. Students no longer find it difficult to get information they need, just access SILAM and choose the service they need. SILAM is also an information center for Polibatam alumni, the general public, and others.

Polibatam strives to provide appropriate services and information according to requests and needs. Other matters that cannot be resolved directly will be directed to the relevant units within us. SILAM can be accessed via the website:
For #PolibatamFriends who are having problems accessing the website, please let us know via email: [email protected] or by telephone +62-778-469858 Ext.1017 or visit the Polibatam Information Center.

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