Polibatam Holds Grand Launching of the 2nd Batch of Wirausaha Merdeka (WMK) Program 2023, Carrying the Beyond Horizon Entrepreneur Tagline

POLIBATAM- Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) held the Grand Launching of the Polibatam Independent Entrepreneur/Wirausaha Merdeka (WMK) Program in Hybrid mode on Saturday (02/9/2023) at the Best Western Premier Panbil Hotel, Batam. The gong was struck by Deputy Director III for Student Affairs, Cooperation and Alumni, Dr. Muhammad Zaenuddin, S.Si., M.Sc. This is a sign of the official launch of the Polibatam WMK Program Batch II 2023.

The chair of Politeknik Negeri Batam WMK, Alena Uperiati, S.T., M.Cs., said that this year’s WMK program carries the theme “Development of the Independent Entrepreneurship Program through Entrepreneurship Education with the Project Based Learning Method to Create Science and Technology-Based Entrepreneurs at Politeknik Negeri Batam” with the entrepreneur Beyond Horizon tagline.

This year, Politeknik Negeri Batam was re-elected as one of the 34 colleges Implementing the WMK Program/Perguruan Tinggi Pelaksana Program (PTP) Batch II in 2023, after last year becoming PTP WMK Batch I. The number of students participating in the Polibatam WMK program this year was 450 students, consisting of students from Politeknik Negeri Batam and eight other partner colleges, including Universitas Batam, Politeknik Pariwisata Batam, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Bentara Persada Batam, Akademi Komunitas Negeri Putra Sang Fajar Blitar, Politeknik Negeri Ketapang, Politeknik Negeri Pontianak, Politeknik Pertanian Negeri Pangkajene Kepulauan, and Universitas Tanjungpura.

This event was attended by the leaders of partner universities as well as partners from the business world and the industrial world with a passion for creating young entrepreneurs in order to realize the program objectives that have been set, i.e., students who have the enthusiasm and want to develop their potential and entrepreneurial skills (entrepreneurship) and want to increase competitiveness in the workforce.

After the Grand Launching event was held and officially opened, it was then filled with entrepreneurial workshops with speakers from Politeknik Negeri Batam alumni, Ervin Ahmad Nur Hidayanto, S.Tr.T (CEO of 4happy studio) and Sury Resky Rara Lebang (Owner of Raya Bridal and Studio) moderated by Daniel Sutopo Pamungkas, Ph.D.

By participating in the Independent Entrepreneurial Activities Batch II Year 2023, it is hoped that students will be able to provide practical experience in entrepreneurial activities through the process of providing entrepreneurial mindset and competence, developing and creating business concepts, practicing and developing entrepreneurship, having competence in analyzing business and creating business opportunities, having increased the ability of the workforce which will ultimately improve the quality and capacity of university graduates, as well as having the opportunity to be able to study outside the campus to develop knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. This program will also benefit students to get credit recognition from activities equivalent to 20 credits.

After completing the grand launching event, it continued with training trainers for field assistant lecturers/dosen pendamping lapangan (DPL), which was attended by 44 DPLs in a hybrid manner. Apart from the DPL, the Head of the Study Program (KPS) was also present to discuss converting 20 credits for the participants.

In this way, the development of student activities is directed at developing students’ potential so that they become human beings who are faithful and devout, have noble character, are knowledgeable, capable, creative, skilled, competent, and cultured. Hopefully, student entrepreneurs can successfully develop their businesses with this year’s Polibatam Independent Entrepreneurship Program.

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