Polibatam Electrical Engineering Department Lecturers and Students Team handed over the Results of the Pond System Development to Fisher Partners in Tanjung Banun Village, Rempang Island, Batam

POLIBATAM-The Polibatam Electrical Engineering Department Student Creativity Program/Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa (PKM) team consisting of lecturers and students has completed phase 1 of the Pond System Re-Build program in Tanjung Banun village, Rempang Island, Batam. This program is an implementation of Project Based Learning (PBL) which is realized at the same time as Community Service activities through the PKM Internal Funding Grant 2023.

The handover was carried out by the head of the PKM team, Sumantri K. Risandriya, to the representatives of the local fisher, Mr. Pandi, on Thursday (30/11). The pond system was designed and built as an example of an effective pond system to increase harvests and catches of local fishers.

A floating pond system can be controlled by the height of the net position to maintain the stability of adequate salinity levels required by the fish and Gonggong snails being farmed.

“I am a representative of fishers in Tanjung Banun village. I want to thank the team of lecturers and students from the Polybatam EL Engineering Department who have helped with our pond facilities. “From the example of the pond system created, it is believed that it can increase harvest yields and overcome problems, and it is hoped that it can also be applied to fellow local fishers,” said Pandi.

In the future, ONE-STOP activities that depart from PBL activities can be maximized to produce innovation and technology packaged in developing Learning, Research, PkM, TTG, and programs that can address environmental issues. This was agreed upon by the team of lecturers and students involved, including Daniel S, Fiyan, Iman F., and Diah.

The student PBL team is actively participating in this PKM program. “We want to contribute directly through the abilities we have to be part of society and care about the nation’s progress,” said Satria, the student representative.

The PKM team hopes that the development of this pond system can be continued and refined in the second stage through IoT integration to make it easier for fishers as users to monitor cultivation results. Then, increase the number of pond system units for the local fishers community.

The potential to join relevant interested agencies or services is very open to collaborating with Polibatam. We can make Indonesia better.
Greetings Polibatam.

Polibatam Electrical Engineering PKM Program: Floating Cage System
Group photo of the Electrical Engineering Lecturers and Students Team with representatives of Rempang Island Fishers

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