Polibatam Collaborates With Prof. Benny Tjahjono, PhD., M.Sc., B.Eng., Holds Initiation of Collaboration Consortium between Coventry University and Vocational Campuses in Sumatra

POLIBATAM-Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) collaborates with Prof. Benny Tjahjono, PhD., M.Sc., B.Eng., from the Coventry University campus in England, held the Initiation of a Collaboration consortium between Coventry University and vocational campuses in Sumatra on Thursday, 31 August 2023 at meeting room 301 of the Polibatam main building.

On this occasion, also present Deputy Director 1, Ahmad Riyad Firdaus, S.Sc., M.T., PhD; Deputy Director 2, Bambang Hendrawan; professor of sustainability and supply chain management at the Coventry University, England, Prof. Benny Tjahjono, PhD., M.Sc., B.Eng.; Heads of Polibatam Departments; International Affairs Office (IAO) of Politeknik Negeri Batam; IAO of Politeknik Negeri Medan; IAO of Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis, IAO of Politeknik Manufaktur Negeri Bangka Belitung; and Polibatam lecturers.

The agenda for this event is related to initiating a consortium of vocational campuses with Coventry University regarding research, journal publications, student exchanges, and co-supervisor collaboration of master’s and doctoral scholarships for students and lecturers of vocational campuses in Sumatra. There was also a tour session of the Polibatam campus facilities in the Polibatam Technopreneur Center building and the Business & Technology Building in Tower A Building.

On this occasion, a symbolic handover was also carried out to Polibatam alumni (Gabriella Stephanie Siregar) as a recipient of a Master-Reseach scholarship at Coventry University, England. Gabriella was also one of the Polibatam students who participated in a student exchange program supervised by Prof. Benny.

“So we came to celebrate this happiness and at the same time, in quotation marks, we asked the Politeknik Negeri Batam alumni to become our ambassadors at Coventry University. Because graduate like Geby is what we are looking for,” said Benny Tjahjono.

He hopes Gabriella Stephanie Siregar’s success in gaining a master’s scholarship at Coventry University can spur and inspire other Batam State Polytechnic students to do the same. “We see the potential of students like Gaby who has obtained a Master-Research scholarship as good potential students,” said Benny Tjahjono.

Benny Tjahjono said that Coventry University UK used to be a polytechnic named Coventry Polytechnic. This name was used from 1970 until 1992. The Further and Higher Education Act 1992 granted university status to the Coventry Polytechnic and changed its name to Coventry University.

“Hopefully, with the initiation of a collaborative consortium between vocational campuses in Sumatra and Coventry University, we will build a research axis between Polibatam and vocational campuses in Sumatra and Coventry University which will then be able to build a world of research at the polytechnic level,” said Rifi.

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