Polibatam Business Management Student Wins the Indonesia Sales Competition (ISAC) 2023

POLIBATAM-Polibatam student wins the 2023 Indonesia Sales Competition (ISAC) held in Bandung. This year, Parahyangan University is hosting ISAC 2023. ISAC 2023 merupakan lomba B2B sales tingkat nasional untuk mahasiswa di seluruh indonesia kompetisi ini terbuka untuk program vokasi maupun program sarjana.

This competition was held from June 9-June 18, 2023, in 3 stages: qualifying round, semi-final, and final. Each campus sent 2-3 participants, as well as Polibatam which sent three students on behalf of Nuzuly Fikri, Cantika Yosdianti Kastella, and Lidia Putri. Two students advanced to the semi-finals, and one student advanced to the finals.

Lidia Putri, a finalist from Polibatam won the competition by eliminating dozens of participants from other campuses and achieved 1st place at ISAC 2023. This announcement was delivered directly by the program chief, Dian Sadeli, S.E., M.Ak., who was attended directly by the Universitas Parahyangan Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Father C. Harimanto Nugroho, OSC., Drs., SLL., and several accompanying lecturers and participants from other campuses.

Congratulations to Lidia Putri for achieving this proud achievement, and hopefully, she can inspire other students at Polibatam to continue to make achievements.

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