Penelusuran Minat dan Kemampuan(PMDK) Pathway: Opportunities for Students with Achievements to get into Polibatam

NEWS-New Student Admission through the interest and ability prospecting pathway, meaning jalur penelusuran minat dan kemampuan(PMDK) is intended for prospective students from high school graduates in 2021 and 2022 who have non-academic achievements.

Prospective students who pass the PMDK program have the opportunity to get a scholarship, namely the PMDK scholarship by applying for a scholarship first. PMDK scholarships are intended for PMDK participants who have non-academic achievements or for those with the highest national exam scores. Participants who are declared to have received PMDK scholarships will be exempted from tuition fees for 1 semester.

Participants who are declared not accepted in the PMDK program still have the opportunity to re-register in other pathways. Admission through the PMDK Achievement pathway is open for all study programs for the Morning Regular class. The Admission Requirements are Candidates for High School Graduates equivalent in 2022, Have non-academic achievements, Letters of recommendation from schools showing average scores for 8 subjects in Indonesian, English, Mathematics, Physics (Physics for engineering electives except for Informatics Engineering ).

Another requirement is to get a ranking of 1,2 & 3 in the non-academic field as evidenced by a certificate or certificate of appreciation. Come on, register yourself before the registration closes. For online registration information, please click

Let’s achieve your further study with the Polibatam PMDK Achievement pathway.
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