PBL Master Plan Activity 3D Model of the Polibatam Campus Area by Geomatics Engineering Study Program

The PBL Master Plan 3D Model Team for the Polibatam Campus Area began in the even semester of 2021-2022 which was divided into several courses including CAD, Advanced Terrestrial Survey, Cartography, and Statistics. Several phases have also started, from the preparation phase, the data acquisition field phase, and the post-field phase, including data processing, 2D object creation, 3D object creation, 3D animation video creation, and reporting.

PBL field activities were carried out from February 14 to June 25, 2022, located in the Politeknik Negeri Batam Campus Area. The next phase until the end of the even semester is data processing, 2D object creation, 3D object creation, 3D animation video creation, and reporting. Data acquisition comes from UPT PP (Unit implementing repair and maintenance tasks) and direct measurements in the field. Meanwhile, data processing uses AutoCad and SketchUp software. The processing results obtained are the Polibatam Master Plan Layout and 3D models of Polibatam buildings.

The team consists of lecturers, Education Laboratory Institutions or Pranata Laboratorium Pendidikan (PLP), and 34 students. Field activities were carried out by the PBL team consisting of Oktavianto Gustin (Lecturer, Project Manager of Geomatics Study Program), Muhammad Zainuddin Lubis (Head of Geomatics Engineering Study Program), Sudra Irawan (Lecturer & Head of Informatics Engineering Department), Arif Roziqin (Lecturer), Wenang Anurogo (Lecturer), Rizki Widi Pratama (co manpro), and M. Ghazali (PLP).

The PBL team of students are Ricky Wilson S, Jordy Raimon, M. Irvan, An Nisa Amelia, Renita Adetia, Niska Magdalena, Gabriela Bengaola, Natalia Sianturi, Muhammad Adha, Alwi Raihan, Ahmad Reza, Naomi Septiana, Amira Leoni, Diyan Rahmasari, Nanda Rahma, Belia Fisabililla, M Abdul Malik, M Nurhuda, Maulana Rafly, Octasusses, Feni Indri, Nedita Wifanni, Diah Dwi, Kasih Riang, Nissa Amelia, Labora Manullang, Fauzan Surya, Yogi Fahda, Syahrial, Suci Dayanti, Mayang Nurazizah, Afifah Khairunnisa, Yeri Inra, and Gloria Salsalyn.

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