P4M Polibatam and IIBN Batam Sign MoU on Learning Development and Quality Assurance

POLIBATAM-Politeknik Negeri Batam was visited by the Indobaru Institute of Technology and Business/Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Indobaru Nasional (IIBN) Batam on Wednesday, 7 June 2023. This visit was received directly by the Head of the Center for Learning Development and Quality Assurance (P4M), Evaliata BR. Sembiring, S. Kom, M.Cs., along with P4M staff and Polibatam public relations in the meeting room 301 of the main building of the Polibatam campus. IIBN visited Polibatam to benchmark SPMI and ISO 9001:2015 and continued with the signing of the MoU.

This visit was to explore collaboration in Learning Development and Quality Assurance. On this occasion, those who attended the visit were the IISBN Rector, Dr Jontro Simanjuntak, S.Pt., S.E., M.M.; Head of Entrepreneurship Study Program Heryenzus, S.Kom., M.Sc.; Head of Digital Business Study Program, Renniwaty Siringoringo, S.E., M.Sc.; Head of Information Systems Study Program, Cosmas Eko Suharyanto, S.Kom., M.MSI .; Head of SPMI, Zulkifli, S.H., M.H.; and Head of LPPM, Suali, S.E., M.M.

“We welcome the Rector of IIBN and the team at the Polibatam campus. Given the busy agenda in March, we are sorry that the request for this visit could only be realized today. We are also sorry that the Director of Polibatam is currently on assignment as Acting Director of Mitras Dudi in Jakarta. As stated at the beginning of the opening earlier, there is a P4M unit in Polibatam with two main focuses, namely the development of learning and quality assurance of education services on the Polibatam campus, “explained Eva.

Polibatam has had SOP/business processes since 2006 and is ISO 9001/2015 certified. The Education quality management system has been included in service standards and benchmarks to Singapore, as well as adopting OSH, education, and service management systems. After tracing, it still uses iso 2001/2015 and has 36 business processes.

“We can understand each other in the education quality management system even though Polibatam is the vocation and Indobaru Nasional is the institute. We still have similarities in education quality assurance standards. With this visit, it is hoped that we can evaluate and improve the knowledge and quality of our Institute,” said Jontro.

Hopefully, this visit will realize cooperation in learning development and quality assurance between the two campuses soon.
Greetings Polibatam.

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