Multimedia Nusantara Polytechnic is Benchmarking against Polibatam Animation Study Program

NEWS-Polibatam Animation Study Program received guests from the Multimedia Nusantara Polytechnic campus on Monday, June 20, 2022. The Director of Multimedia Nusantara Polytechnic (Mr. Roy Anthonius S), the Dean of the Multimedia Nusantara Polytechnic (Cahya Mulya Daulay), and other teams were received directly by the Director of the Polytechnic Batam State, Uuf Brajawidagda, the Head of the Animation Study Program (Selly Artaty Zega), and representatives of the Animation Study Program lecturer in room 301 of Polibatam Main Building.

This benchmarking aims to be able to complement each other in learning animation and be able to consult about the animation curriculum at Politeknik Negeri Batam. Currently, the curriculum at Multimedia Nusantara Polytechnic refers to the 2020-173 SKKNI, with a total of 148 credits. With this event, mutual collaboration can be undertaken in the development of the Animation Study Program and learn from the Polibatam Animation Study Program which was founded first.
*Polibatam refers to SKKNI 2020-173

Polibatam campus is now implementing blended learning, project-based learning, dual systems, and RPL. With this method, it is hoped that Polibatam animation graduates can compete and be ready to become reliable animators.

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