Investment Gallery Held Service, Education about Capital Markets and investment at SMAN 18 Batam

POLIBATAM- Polibatam Investment Gallery/Galeri Investasi (GI) held a socialization event about the capital market and investment at SMA N 18 Batam. This event was held to advance education and increase students’ understanding and awareness regarding the world of investment and capital markets, Politeknik Negeri Batam Investment Gallery carries out programs and research related to “Introduction to Capital Markets through the Investment Education Gallery as a means of learning investment for high school students.”

Polibatam GI has visited SMAN 18 Batam to discuss establishing an Investment Education Gallery, which will be a learning place for students regarding capital markets and investment. This event was held on 11 September 2023.

Polibatam GI conducted the second socialization on 3 November 2023 about getting to know the capital market and its benefits, shares and share buying and selling transaction schemes, as well as the Role of the Investment Gallery and the Function of the Education Gallery.

This socialization was completed by Muhammad Alif Zulfiqar as a Polibatam Lecturer, Indra Novita as the Head of the IDX Riau Islands Representative Office, and Marisa as the Branch Representative of Phintraco Sekuritas Batam. This activity was attended by 50 students and teachers at SMAN 18 Batam. The event was opened by Mr Riyadi Aprayuda, the Director of the Polibatam Investment Gallery, and welcomed by Nelly Chandrawati Manalu, the Principal of SMAN 18 Batam.

“We are very happy that the Polibatam Investment Gallery visited our school. This event is very good at providing students with knowledge about the capital market, shares and safe investments,” said Nelly.

3rd visit on November 10 2023, Politeknik Negeri Batam Investment Gallery has carried out coaching and mentoring activities for service and research programs at SMAN 18 Batam where through focused coaching and mentoring activities, this program provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge about various types of investments, financial management strategies, and associated risks and benefits.

It is hoped that this program can help create a younger generation that is better prepared financially to face the challenges of an increasingly complex financial world.

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