Get Ready for the Modern Internship Concept!

NEWS-Politeknik Negeri Batam and the ILO, supported by the British government, held a meeting on the previous topic of the skills for prosperity program, which has been taking place since November 2020. The schedule starts at 8.30 am in technopreneur buildings with three main topics: ILO-UK S4P Project, Activities, objections, outputs, and impacts of the program; a modern apprenticeship; and Internship structure with the use of the My Magang and TA lenthub app. All topics are delivered by Polibatam lecturers.

Marry Kent, Chief technical advisor, UK skills for Indonesia prosperity Program, International Labor Organization, gave a very positive response about Polibatam’s strategy with modern internships.

The meeting and discussion went smoothly! The schedule is closed by a warehouse tour and Talenthub data entry by LPI study program students. Stay tuned on our account for more updates on this amazing agenda over the next few days.

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