Fulfilling Industrialization Opportunities, Schneider has Recruited Polibatam Graduates

NEWS-Polibatam together with Schneider Electric held an “Industrialization Campaign” on Thursday (17/11) at the Polibatam Technopreneur Center Building Studio, 3rd floor. The event was attended by 60 students majoring in engineering at Polibatam. This event directly presented the Industrialization Director of Schneider Electric Singapore, Yangyang Shi.

This activity aims to introduce the concept of industrialization in Schneider Electric to all students as well as enroll them in the Schneider Graduate Program (SGP). As revealed by the Plan Director of Schneider Electric, Ery Arifiani, they opened the SGP for Polibatam engineering alumni.

“Industrialization aims to increase the added value of all economic sectors with the manufacturing sector as the leading sector. Therefore, we open SGP opportunities for all students,” he said in his speech.

In his presentation, Yangyang Shi conveyed the meaning of industrialization. “Industrialization is an enabler for technology, innovation, business value, and customer pain points,” he explained.

Apart from listening to the presentations from the speakers, the participants/students were also very enthusiastic about asking questions regarding their position when they were accepted at Schneider, considering the many engineering study programs at Polibatam.

The event was closed with a photo session with the participants and speakers. (source: Puri & Santi)

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