BPKP Kepri Goes to Polibatam Campus, Invites Students to Strengthen Supervision and Accountability Synergy

POLIBATAM-Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) Campus had the opportunity to collaborate with the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency/Badan Pengawasan Keuangan dan Pembangunan (BPKP) in the BPKP Goes to Campus event. This event was held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of BPKP in the Riau Islands. The event was held on May 16, 2023, in the Studio Room of the Polibatam Technopreneur Center Building. Participants in this event were Polibatam academic community and students.

This event aims to introduce the role of the BPKP to the campus environment and encourage the role of the campus to participate in overseeing financial and development accountability and be more concerned about preventing corruption. The event was opened by Deputy Director II of Polibatam, Bambang Hendrawan, ST., MSM., who represented the Director of Polibatam. Then, the event continued with a Public Lecture by the Head of BPKP Representative for the Riau Islands Province, Mardiyanto Arif Rakhmadi.

The Head of the BPKP for the Riau Islands Province gave a presentation on the BPKP profile. The main task and function of BPKP were initially as a watchdog, and it has transformed into a strategic partner for Ministries/Institutions/Regional Governments/BUMN/BUMD through the Assurance and Consultant services provided, as well as BPKP’s role in preventing KKN.

“From the point of view of preventing Corruption, Collusion, and Nepotism (KKN), BPKP plays a role by conducting probity audits to prevent problems in the procurement of goods and services. Furthermore, BPKP assists Law Enforcement Officials (APH), namely the Police and the Attorney General’s Office, in conducting investigations and calculating state financial losses to save corrupted state finances and provide expert testimony before the court, “said Mardiyanto.

In addition to the material presentation session, BPKP Goes to Polibatam Campus has a quiz session for participants who attend and can get prizes for the winning participants. At the end of the event, a group photo session was held.

This activity is expected to improve the synergy and collaboration between Polibatam and BPKP Riau Islands. The next generation of students is expected to be at the forefront of overseeing financial accountability and national development through their various roles.
Greetings Polibatam.

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