Barelang Robotics Team Won National 2nd Place in the KRSBI Humanoid Category and Will Compete in the International Robocup Soccer Middle Size League (MSL) 2022

ACHIEVEMENT-Polibatam Robotics Team again won the Indonesian Robot Contest or Kontes Robot Indonesia (KRI) 2022. Graha ITS witnessed the struggle of the Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) robotics team at the national level which was held on June 29 – July 3, 2022, in Surabaya. A total of 121 teams from 54 campuses throughout Indonesia competed to be the best in each competition category.

On 27 June, the Barelang Robotics Team went to Surabaya with 5 teams consisting of 24 students, 5 Advisors and 3 Officials. Dr. Muhammad Zaenuddin, as Deputy Director III for Student Affairs at Polibatam explained that there were thirteen high-tech robots that had been prepared for about a year more specifically to take part in the KRI 2022 event.

Barelang Robotics Team, as it is called, is a Polibatam robotics team that has a long history and achievements by winning many robot contests at the regional, national, and international levels. At the KRI 2022 event, Barelang robotics team fielded its robots to compete in 5 competition categories, i.e., ABU Robocon Indonesia (KRAI) Robot Contest, Humanoid Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI), Indonesian Wheeled Football Robot Contest (KRSBBI), Robot Contest Search and Rescue Indonesia (KRSRI), and the Indonesian Dance Robot Contest (KRSTI). At the national KRI competition, Polibatam robotics team won 2nd place in the KRSBI Humanoid category.

Previously, the robot teams that competed in the KRI at the national level were the champions of a similar contest at the regional level held by the National Achievement Center or Pusat Prestasi Nasional on 7-13 June. In the regional level robot contest, Barelang Robotics Team won 1st place in the KRSBI Humanoid category, 1st place in KRSBI Wheels, and 3rd place in KRAI.

The robots created by Polibatam students were made by a team of students from the Robotics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, and Electronics Engineering Study Programs with the guidance of a number of research lecturers at Polibatam Barelang Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (BRAIL). Zaenuddin further explained that the process of making the robots is the main activity of lecture activities through project-based learning methods (PBL). Students learn to master not only technical skills, but also soft skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and creative thinking, said Zaenuddin.

The Barelang Robotics Team’s struggle will continue at the international level which will be held in Bangkok on 11-18 July in the 2022 Robocup Soccer Middle Size League (MSL) event. In this event, Barelang Robotics Team will compete with teams from abroad such as the Netherlands, China, Japan, and France. It is hoped that the support and prayers of the entire Batam community will make Polibatam’s dream of winning the national championship in all categories of competitions come true next year. Hopefully, with everyone’s blessing and support, Barelang Robotic Team will succeed at the international level in 2022.
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