Barelang Robotics Team Polibatam Won 1st Place in Wheeled KRSBI, 1st Place in KRSBBI Humanoid and 3rd Place in KRAI Region 1 in 2022

INFACHIEVEMENT- The Indonesian robot contest or Kontes Robot Indonesia (KRI) is an annual student competition activity in the field of robotics design and engineering organized by the National Achievement Center, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

The 2022 Indonesia Robot Contest will be held online for the 1st Sumatra region level. Barelang Robotics Team participated in 5 competition divisions, including KRAI, KRSBBI, KRSBI, KRSRI, and KRSTI. In this competition, Barelang Robotics team competed in the Robotics workshop in the Main Building, 2nd Floor, Polibatam. Grateful that Barelang Robotic Team was finally able to defend its title and advance to the National level 2022 on 29 June-3 July 2022 in Surabaya.

Barelang Robotics Team achievements in the 2022 Indonesia robot contest region 1 include:
1. 1st place in the wheeled KRSBI division, Barelang Team 63
2. 1st place in the KRSBBI Humanoid division, Barelang FC Team
3. Juara 3 divisi KRAI, Tim Barelang V

The Indonesian Robot Contest competes in 6 (six) divisions: the Indonesian ABU Robot Contest or Kontes Robot ABU Indonesia (KRAI); Indonesian SAR Robot Contest or Kontes Robot SAR Indonesia (KRSRI); Indonesian Wheeled Football Robot Contest or Kontes Robot Sepak Bola Indonesia (KRSBI) Beroda; Indonesian Humanoid Football Robot Contest or Kontes Robot Sepak Bola Indonesia (KRSBI) Humanoid; Indonesian Dance Robot Contest or Kontes Robot Seni Tari Indonesia (KRSTI); and the Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest or Kontes Robot Tematik Indonesia (KRTMI).

Thank you for the prayers and support from all the academic community, alumni, students, and the communities of Batam and the Riau Islands. Hopefully, Barelang Robotics Team will still be able to present the best results in the Indonesian Robot Contest at the National Level in 2022. The entire academic community of the Polibatam congratulates the Barelang Robotic Team for its achievements and remains enthusiastic about competing at the National level.

We also ask for prayer and support for the success of the Polibatam Barelang Robotics Team which will compete in the Indonesian Robot Contest at the National Level at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology on June 29–July 3, 2022, virtually.

Go Barelang Go !
Barelang the Champion!

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