Bambang Hendrawan, ST., MSM., Becomes Chairperson of the Riau Islands ITB Alumni Association

NEWS-ITB Alumni Association/Ikatan Alumni ITB (IAITB) Regional Congress IV Riau Islands Province, on Sunday (27/11) at the Santika Hotel, Batam went smoothly and successfully. In the congress which started from morning to evening, Bambang Hendrawan was elected chairperson of the IAITB Riau Islands for the 2023-2027 period.

The selection of IAITB was contested by 3 candidates, they are Iyus Rusmana, Chemistry 1990, who works as the GM Environment at BP Batam; Fesly Abadi Paranoan, Geodesy 1996, who works as the BP Batam Planning Director; and Bambang Hendrawan, Industrial Engineering 1994, the Deputy Director of Politeknik Negeri Batam.

The selection of the chairman of the IAITB went through a long process, through registration, visual and direct campaigning, presentation of the vision & mission, and if the democratic process of deliberation and consensus was not reached, finally a voting process was carried out.

“Voting went through a strict verification and was called one by one. Finally, Bambang Hendrawan was elected as the new chairperson for the 2023 – 2027 period,” said the assembly leader, the senior alumni, Wirya Putra Silalahi, Electrical Engineering 1985, who is also a member of the Riau Islands Provincial DPRD. According to Wirya, there was a strong sense of kinship, democracy, and fairness at the congress. “That can be seen at every step of the congress. You can see the democratic maturity of the ITB Kepri alumni,” said Wirya.

According to Wirya, the regional congress committee is chaired by Yance Purba, a Geologist 1999, who is also assisted by Millennial alumni, above the class of 2010. “The congress is purely from IAITB cash funds and non-binding contributions from members. So really this is purely from and for ITB Alumni, there is no interference from any political interests,” he explained.

Wirya explained that initially, there were around 155 alumni who registered officially to take part in the congress. “But those who attended and took part in the voting were 111 alumni. Votes: Bambang = 51, Fesly = 44, and Iyus = 16,” said Wirya, who is always active in every IAITB activity and community activity in the Riau Islands.
Source: Batam Pos

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