Afriyanti Hasanah, Polibatam Lecturer, Passed the Vocational Lecturer Training (Internship) Program at Coventry University, England

POLIBATAM-Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving the quality of management of vocational education institutions in Indonesia. As concrete evidence, one of the Polibatam lecturers, Afriyanti Hasanah., S.S.T., M.Sc., recently successfully graduated as a participant in the Non-Degree Program for Vocational Lecturer Competency Improvement 2023 by the Directorate of Institutions and Resources for Vocational Higher Education in the Training Scheme (Internship) at Foreign Universities “Visionary Management Bootcamp for Vocational University Leaders” at Coventry University, England.

Visionary Management Bootcamp is a training program designed to equip participants with the methods, techniques and practical experience needed to become leaders and innovators who can inspire and motivate their teams to take their Vocational Higher Education/Pendidikan Tinggi Vokas (PTV) to a world-class university. The program covers various topics, including strategic planning, innovation, creativity, design thinking, and future forecasting.

This training is provided through a combination of class teaching, group discussions, case studies, and direct learning with stakeholders and the Senior Management Team at Coventry University. Participants also have the opportunity to undertake industrial visits, including visiting the Mini Cooper Factory, Thriump Factory, Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC), and the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) to learn directly from leaders, practitioners, and industry players in the field.

Under the guidance of senior academics with extensive academic experience, Prof. Benny Tjahjono, PhD, participants were allowed to learn and discuss with high-calibre leaders and world-class industrial partners. It is hoped that the participants will gain useful managerial skills for developing a future-oriented mindset, a culture of innovation and sustainable development, which ultimately helps drive a globally competitive and reputable PTV.

“I feel very grateful and proud to be part of this Visionary Management Bootcamp with 11 other lecturers from various Vocational colleges throughout Indonesia. “This experience will help me to develop better management skills so that I can contribute more effectively in advancing Batam State Polytechnic and preparing our students to face future challenges.” Said Afriyanti Hasanah., S.S.T., M.Sc., currently also serves as chairman of the COE (Center of Excellence) for Tax Center Polibatam.

Hopefully, by participating in this training, we can significantly impact the management of the Politeknik Negeri Batam and inspire colleagues in the world of vocational education to continue to develop themselves and contribute to improving the quality of vocational education in Indonesia.
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