Academic Directorate of Vocational Higher Education Collaborates with FDPNI, Launches National Selection to Enter State Polytechnic (SNMPN) in 2022

The Academic Directorate of Vocational Higher Education together with the Indonesian State Polytechnic Director Forum (FDPNI) inaugurated the 2022 State Polytechnic Entrance National Selection (SNMPN) in Jakarta on Monday, January 3, 2022. The hybrid event was attended by 44 Polytechnic Directors throughout Indonesia, Principals of SMK/SMA/MA/MAK in Indonesia, and counseling guidance teachers. Also present as a resource person was the Academic Director of Vocational Higher Education, Dr. Beny Bandanadjaja, S.T., M.T., FDPNI Chairman, Dr. Ing. Ahmad Taqwa, M.T., and Mursid Triasmanto, Statistical Analyst Staff of PUSDATIN, Kemendikbudristek.

So far, SNMPN has been an alternative route to continue to Polytechnic Vocational College. Based on the data on the number of SNMPN registrants in 2020 yesterday, there were as many as 214,507 students who joined for the 2 program choices at that time, namely D3 and Applied Bachelor (D4). In 2021 the registrants decreased by 128,547 students but there is only 1 choice path for the D3 program.
‚ÄúThis decline is reasonable considering that D4 program enthusiasts could no longer join the SNMPN. Students who wish to register for the D4 program are welcome to take part in the LTMPT selection, namely SNMPTN and SBMPTN,” said FDPNI Chairman, Ahmad Taqwa.

Just like the previous year, the 2022 SNMPN is an invitational selection route intended for school students who will continue their D3 education at State Polytechnics and Politanies throughout Indonesia which is carried out simultaneously through selection of academic and non-academic achievement portfolios. Achievement portraits are carried out as long as students attend high school education.

Regarding costs, there is no registration fee for prospective participants. The SNMPN is also open to prospective participants who come from low-income families. Prospective participants can apply for the Indonesia Smart Card Scholarship (KIP). For further information and registration, schools can access the page. Schools that have registered will receive a username and password to login and recommend and register their best students. Students who have been recommended by the school will be given a username and password that can be used to enter data online. Registration is open from today, January 3, 2022 to March 18, 2022 and is only for students who graduate this year.

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