6 Products of Polibatam PBL With PT. Sumitomo Wiring Systems Batam has been Complete

NEWS-Politeknik Negeri Batam has implemented a learning method using Product/Project/Problem-Based Learning for the past few years. Vocational colleges are currently actively implementing learning methods using Product/Project/Problem-Based Learning, commonly abbreviated as PBL.

One of Polibatam’s industrial partners, namely PT. Sumitomo Wiring Systems Batam is one of the clients who received the positive impact of the PBL learning method applied at Polibatam. With a total of 6 products prepared by Polibatam, legally given to PT. Sumitomo on Friday, September 9, 2022 at the Technopreneur Center Building.

Polibatam campus has a Technopreneur Center Building, a building built for the development of PBL learning methods for students across study programs who are working on existing PBL projects. The 6 products are Building AR Learning Assembly, Sumitomo Lifter Machine Project, K3 Animation Video, Animation Video of Tutorial Training New Employee, Training Information System of New Employee Project, and Automation for Wire Selection Project Team.

At the ceremonial handover of the product, PT. Sumitomo Wiring Systems Batam was represented directly by the President Director from Japan, Michimasa Noro, and was also attended by high-ranking officials and staff of PT. Sumitomo Wiring Systems Batam. Meanwhile, Polibatam was represented by Deputy Director 1 of the Academic Division, Ahmad Riyad Firdaus, Ph.D., the Head of Shilau Polibatam, and PBL supervisors.

Hopefully, the 6 products that have been completed in this PBL study will be useful for the PT. Sumitomo Wiring Systems Batam and hopefully other products will be finished soon. Polibatam campus continues to open up opportunities to collaborate with other industries in Batam City and its surroundings that have problems in the industry so that solutions can be found with this PBL program.

For Industries who want to collaborate, please contact SHILAU Polibatam on Jl. Ahmad Yani, Kec. Batam City, Regency/City. Batam, Prov. Riau Islands 29461. Telephone: +62 813-1660-0400,
EMAIL: [email protected]
For further information, please click the website https://shilau.polibatam.ac.id

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