4 Outstanding Students (Pilmapres) at Politeknik Negeri Batam Level in 2022

ACHIEVEMENT-Wednesday, 29 June 2022 is the final stage of the selection of Outstanding Students (Pilmapres) at the Politeknik Negeri Batam level. Previously, an initial selection was held starting from the stage of receiving files such as collecting personal data, proof of superior achievements, and innovative product scripts that had been prepared by students.

As many as 13 candidates have passed, and before proceeding to the next stage, i.e., carrying out a final presentation in front of the judges, the candidates must attend the Scientific Writing and English Presentation Workshop organized by the PILMAPRES committee on June 22, 2022, at the TA 92 Building.

Then, followed by the final selection stage, making a final presentation. Acted as the judges to assess superior achievements, scientific manuscripts for innovative products, and English presentations were Dwi Amalia Purnamasari (Lecturer of Informatics Engineering), Tian Havwini (Lecturer of English), and Maryani (Lecturer of Business Management). The participants who were declared the winners in the event were:
1. Thania Nursyabila Endri (4121911079), Applied Business Administration Study Program
2. Gabriella Stephanie Siregar (4121901069, Applied Business Administration Study Program
3. Ana Mufida (4311901033T), Multimedia & Network Engineering Study Program
4. Vicky Martin Sianturi (3422001026), Ship Construction Engineering Technology Study Program

The Mawapres Polibatam Selection Committee would like to thank all students who have participated, as well as all parties who have provided support for the organization of this activity. Finally, congratulations on competing for Ananda Thania at the Mawapres election at the 2022 National level.
Always success! Bringing the good name of Polibatam!

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