Two Polibatam Study Programs Achieved “Excellent/Unggul” Accreditation Predicate

POLIBATAM-Politeknik Negeri Batam’s (Polibatam) commitment to producing quality graduates is increasingly visible, with various accreditation results in early 2023. The following are the results of re-accreditation from several study programs in Polibatam:

  1. “Excellent” Accreditation of Diploma 3 Mechanical Engineering Study Program.
  2. “Excellent” Accreditation of Applied Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering Study Program.
  3. “Very Good” Accreditation for Applied Bachelor of Multimedia and Network Engineering Study Program.
  4. “Good” Accreditation of Applied Bachelor of Energy Engineering Technology Study Program.

“We thank and congratulate the department team, accreditation drafters, and the components involved,” said Evaliata Sembiring, the Head of the UPT-Polibatam Quality Assurance Center.

Hopefully, this good result will improve the quality of Polibatam graduates and become a superior and competitive vocational tertiary institution in Southeast Asia in 2025.
To view and download the Accreditation certificates of Polibatam Study Programs, you can access them at:

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