The Director of Polibatam Dialogues with Kemendikbudristek in Launching the Merdeka Belajar Program Episode 22: Transformation of Selection for State Colleges

NEWS-Through the Zoom platform, Kemendikbudristek launched the Freedom of Learning/Merdeka Belajar Program Episode 22 with the title: Transformation of State College Entrance Selection. This activity was also attended by approximately 76 Leaders of State Colleges throughout Indonesia. This policy was launched to align learning outcomes in Primary and Secondary Education with the selection scheme for State Colleges. The launching event was held on Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

“With this episode program, I hope to recruit prospective students based on their potential for further study success and provide inclusive opportunities where prospective students can freely choose a study program according to their interests and talents.” said Nadiem Makarim, as the Mendikbudristek.

On this occasion, Polibatam was invited to have a dialogue with Nadiem regarding the implementation of the Merdeka Learning Episode 22 program. Uuf said that it was possible for all pathways at the Polytechnics consisting of Diplomas and Applied Bachelors to enter the menu chosen by prospective students later. In addition, it can be an alternative for students who are not lucky, namely the socioeconomically lagging behind. Further, the PBL process can be aligned with the upcoming Merdeka Learning Program.

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