TalentHub and MyInternship In Action

TalentHub and MyInternship In Action.

Batam– Located at the Polibatam Technopreneur Building, the International Trade Logistics Study Program (LPI) introduced an application called TalentHub and My Internship. This application was submitted by the LPI team and developers on 28 June 2022. TalentHub is a Student Database application that is integrated with MyInternship. MyInternship is an apprenticeship application that allows students to find internships in industries collaborating with Polibatam. Those applications, proposed by the LPI team supervised by Leohansen (TVET and Skill Development Specialist from the International Labor Organization for UK Skills for Prosperity programme), are part of UKPF Programs’ output in Polibatam, Indonesia.

TalentHub and MyInternship users get many benefits. The impact of these two applications is not only felt by students but also by the industry. By carrying the theme of Modern Internship, these two applications will be very supportive in finding an internship placement, the internship process, and later the internship evaluation. Besides that, it will also be easier for the industry to find internship candidates and employees who meet the desired competencies. Deputy Director II for General Administration and Finance, Bambang Hendrawan, ST., MSM., CIPMP., CISCP is very supportive and enthusiastic about this application. It is beneficial for registering students doing internships and alumni who are helpful for viewing vacancies. With this application, lecturers will adjust those who used paper in the internship process to switch to applications. All parties can accept this application and expand the network of partners with industries inside and outside Batam.

Hanifah Widiastuti, Head of Polibatam Career Development Center. The MyInternship and CDC Talenthub applications are also beneficial because the database will be easily accessible by all majors and study programs and get positive industry feedback. In addition, supervisors, internship coordinators, supervisors, and industrial HRD can access data by viewing portfolios, job profiles, and applicants’ competencies. He also added that after the socialization, it is hoped that participants will be able to inform students from semester 1 to semester that they can input portfolios in the TalentHub application using an e-learning account. After socialization, the development team has the collaboration section and can hold roadshows for various industry partners. Especially HRD to promote the Polibatam Talenthub and MyIntership applications so that partners can input data to offer applicants internships.

Danar, Head of Accounting Study Program, MB Department, with the introduction of Talenthub and Internship, immensely helped the lecturers, CDC, and Cooperation Parties, especially the internship coordinator in data storage. It is hoped that the two applications can continue to grow and become applications on mobile phones. With the constant socialization, it is expected that it can also promote the portfolio of Polibatam students with soft skills to get reasonable and prestige internships. With the development of the Talenthub era, it is conducive to updating the vacancies needed in the work world. The MyInternship application helps assess the internship logbook and the awarding of internship scores that each student has carried out.

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Deputy Director 1 for Academic Affairs, Ahmad Riyad Firdaus, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D., hopes that LPI and the development team will continue to innovate and improve the performance of the TalentHub and MyInternship applications so that they will be better in the future and can become practical applications and become friends for students. Students and industry. TalentHub and MyInternship for Modern Internship.