Supporting Animation Study Program, Politeknik Negeri Batam is Equipped with Cinema and Virtual Reality Equipment

News-One of the goals of establishing Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam) is to meet the needs of human resources (HR) for industries in Batam. For instance, the animation industry which is currently being developed in the Nongsa Digital Park area, through Infinite Studios. Thus, the D4 Animation Study Program has also been opened.

“Alhamdulillah, some of our students who have graduated are recruited at that place,” said the Director of Polibatam, Uuf Brajawidagda, ST, MT, Ph.D., to a number of journalists, during the Batam State Polytechnic Campus Tour, on Monday (26/9/2022).

Uuf, as he is called, then invites journalists to see the learning process of students in the department. The first is watching a short film made by students majoring in animation in a mini cinema in the Politeknik Negeri Batam Technoprenuer Building. The building is the newest building in the campus area.

Inside the mini cinema, there are 36 very comfortable seats with a screen width of approximately 3 X 1.5 meters. The sound system is not inferior to most cinemas. The animated film that was screened, which was the students’ work, was not inferior to the animated films on television. “One animated film requires 70 people, needs ‘tears’ and the results still need a lot of improvement, but at least it raises courage for students,” said Uuf.

He then asked to see some of the processes of making animated films that were being worked on by students in a room in the same building. Some students are seen drawing animated characters, processing them into 3D, giving effects, and other parts. “Everything is carried out by students, from start to finish including voice dubbing,” he said.

Then, Uuf also showed the game laboratory in the building. In fact, Assistant 1 of the Batam City Government, Yusfa Hendri, had time to try a Virtual Reality (VR) tool to try games produced by Polibatam students.

It is known that Politeknik Negeri Batam is one of the leading State Polytechnics in Indonesia. The reason is, the existing study programs follow the development of the industrial world which can be seen from time to time. In 2000, Batam focused on Manufacturing, Oil, and Gas; in 2004 entered the Creative Industry; in 2010-2014 was Shipbuilding and MRO; in 2017 entered the Digital Bridge; in 2018 Logistics, and in 2022 has gone to Tourism.

Currently, there are 8,400 students registered. Even now, the number of students at the polytechnic level is in the top five in Indonesia. Currently, there are four departments with 20 Study Programs at the Politeknik Negeri Batam. First, the Department of Electrical Engineering with with the following Study Programs: D3 Electronics Engineering, D3 Manufacturing of Electronics, D3 Instrumentation Engineering, D4 Mechatronics Engineering, D4 Robotics Engineering, and D4 Power Plant Technology.

Second, the Department of Informatics Engineering, with study programs including D3 Informatics Engineering, D3 Geomatics Engineering, D4 Multimedia and Networking, D4 Animation, D4 Cyber Security Technology, and D4 Software Engineering. Third, the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Study Programs include D3 Mechanical Engineering, D3 Aircraft Maintenance, D3 Ship Design and Construction, D4 Fabrication, and Welding Engineering Engineer Profession.

And fourth, the Department of Business and Management consists of the following Study Programs: D3 Accounting, D4 Managerial Accounting, D4 Business Administration, and D4 International Trade Logistics. (ara)

Source: In News