Study in Polibatam Robotics Engineering to Become an Expert in Robotics

NEWS- Polibatam’s achievements in Robotics are undeniable because they have won competitions at local, regional, national and international levels in Robotics. #PolibatamFriends who want to explore Robotics in Batam, Politeknik Negeri Batam already has a Bachelor of Applied Robotics Engineering study program. The main competency of graduates of this program is having the capacity in the fields of designing automated robotic systems that are used to increase production and precision levels in specific industries, troubleshooting robotic systems, and designing software to control robotic systems.

Robotics Engineering Study Program graduates have Job Prospects in the field of Robotic Engineers, Robotic Technicians, Teachers, and Entrepreneurs in Robotics both in Batam city and abroad. Students are also able to design and realize components, processes, equipment, facilities or installations, well-defined engineering system designs in the field of robotics, and parts of broadly-defined engineering systems designs in the field of robotics that meet specific needs with proper consideration of safety and security issues as well as public, cultural, social and environmental health by referring to industry standards and methods.

The courses are also designed to be able to choose resources and utilize engineering design and analysis tools in the field of information technology-based robotics and computing that refers to industry standards and methods. Likewise, able to improve the performance or quality of a process in the field of robotics through testing, measuring work objects, analyzing, and interpreting data according to procedures and standards. Also, able to use modern technology in carrying out work in the field of robotics.

With many facilities and experience in competitions at the regional, national, and international levels, there is no doubt about the career prospects of Robotics Engineering graduates. For #PolibatamFriends who want to register, please go directly to

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