SNMPN 2022 Pathway Guideline

INFO-Indonesian State Polytechnic Director Forum (FDPNI) in 2014 determined the pattern of New Student Admission (PMB) through Interests and Ability search path for the State Polytechnic (PMDK-PN) to be carried out jointly and followed by all State Polytechnics throughout Indonesia (a total of 38 State Polytechnic) on-line. This is carried out in accordance with Law no. 12 of 2012, PP No. 66 and PP No. 34 of 2010.

From year to year, the number of polytechnics participating in this admissions pathway has increased. And until 2022, there are 44 polytechnics participating in this selection. Since 2020, the term PMDK-PN has changed its name to the National Selection for State Polytechnic Admission (SNMPN). Although there has been a change in naming, the mechanism and process of selection for this pathway is still the same as PMDK-PN and is followed by 44 state polytechnics throughout Indonesia. In addition, starting in 2021 SNMPN will only hold a selection process for Diploma 3 (D3) education levels, while the selection process for Applied Bachelor (D4) education levels is through SNMPTN organized by LTMPT.

Complete guideline please download:

  1. Tentang SNMPN
  2. Poster SNMPN
  3. Alur Pendaftaran
  4. Panduan Siswa
  5. Panduan Sekolah

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