Rembug Nusa Held at the Polibatam Campus, Protect Personal Data and Fight Hoaxes

NEWS-Rembug Nusa seminar and workshop held at the Polibatam Technopreneur Center Building on Thursday, January 13, 2022. These seminar and workshop present resource persons from elements of the government, academia and civil society. The similar seminars and workshops have also been held in several cities in Indonesia including Bali, Bandung, Banda Aceh, Madiun, Ende, Ambin, Sorong and this January in Batam. On this occasion, the Director of Polibatam, Uuf Brajawidagda, Ph.D also attended the Rembug Nusa event.

Exposure and discussion related to the theme of Personal Data Protection, Hoaxes, and When do we have the Personal Data Protection Law. This theme is very relevant in today’s digital era whereby personal data digitally is very vulnerable to be misused by irresponsible parties and there are many hoaxes that are spread in cyberspace today. Hopefully, this Rembug Nusa event can provide education to all of us about the importance of protecting our personal data and being able to ward off hoaxes in the current digital era.

Greetings Polibatam…

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