Polibatam Successfully Carried out an Auction for the First Time

NEWS-Polibatam held an auction of assets that are no longer used for the first time, on Monday (23/11/2022), which was carried out through the Batam State Property and Auction Service Office/Kantor Pelayanan Kekayaan Negara dan Lelang (KPKNL).

This auction was first held by Polibatam’s State Property Unit/Unit Barang Milik Negara (BMN) since becoming a State College in 2010. The total assets auctioned were 3,756 units in the form of tables, chairs, and other office equipment with an opening auction value of IDR 11,216,000. Based on information from KPKNL Batam, the highest value by the auction winner is IDR 45,000,000.

“This is an extraordinary achievement since 10 years after Polibatam became a state,” said Deputy Director II of Polibatam, Bambang Hendrawan.
He hopes that in the future, BMN can carry out a routine auction process every year for assets that are no longer used.
(source: BMN Team)

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