Polibatam Opens Applied Undergraduate Program in Energy Generation Engineering Technology

NEWS-The need for human resources in the field of energy generation in Batam and Indonesia is very high. Industries in the city of Batam also require a lot of human resources who are experts in the field of energy generation. For this reason, Polibatam has opened an applied undergraduate study program in Energy Generation Engineering Technology.

Graduates of this program are designed to have the capacity to evaluate, manage operations and maintenance of power plant units (power plant engineers), monitor, analyze, and solve operational problems, and carry out maintenance on power plant units (power plant technicians). In addition, they are also equipped with the ability to prepare, run and analyze system stability, as well as operate substation equipment and electrical power transmission (power transmission & distribution engineer), plan and implement maintenance standards, carry out maintenance, analyze and solve problems in the electrical system ( electrical technician).

The prospects for graduates of the Energy Generating Engineering Technology study program include Supervisors of electrical energy plants, plant operation and maintenance technicians, operation and maintenance technicians for electricity distribution, electric power consultants, and electrical technicians in various industrial utilities, manufacturing, building utilities, hotels, and industrial areas.

Interesting courses in the applied undergraduate’s curriculum of Energy Generation Engineering Technology are designed to make students are capable of preparing evaluation data for generating operations; carrying out evaluations based on inspection analysis data; managing plant operations and maintenance; analyzing the implementation of the operation of the power generation unit; monitoring, analyzing and solving operational problems, carrying out unit operation reliability tests, making reports; planning and implementing maintenance standards, carrying out maintenance, as well as analyzing and solving problems at power plants.

Other courses are also prepared with the aims to make students are able to prepare, carry out and analyze power flow studies, short circuit studies, system stability; Able to operate substation and transmission equipment, maneuver SUTM network, SCADA system to control medium voltage network operation; Able to correlate, diagnose, and conclude various management and handling problems in the field of electricity generation and distribution in accordance with generation rules and electricity standards.

Lecture rooms and supporting facilities are complete and taught by competent lecturers of Energy Generation Engineering Technology Study Program who are ready to produce quality graduates. Let’s immediately register yourself online on the page:

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