Polibatam Halal Study Center Held Seminar on Slaughtering Sacrificial Animals

NEWS-Polibatam Deputy Director III for Student Affairs, Cooperation, and Alumni, Dr. Muhammad Zaenuddin (Zaen) opened a National Seminar on Increasing Understanding of Procedures for Slaughtering Sacrificial Animals Based on Islamic Sharia and the Importance of Halal Slaughterer Certification or Juru Sembelih Halal (JSH) on the 3rd floor of Polibatam Technopreneur Center Building , Wednesday (29/6/2022).

The Chair of the Event Committee, Mega Gemala said that the committee was guided by Moderator Aulia Fajrin. The event was attended by around 60 priests from the Batam Imam Mosque Brotherhood or Persaudaraan Imam Masjid (PIM) Batam, and 60 online participants from the Riau Islands, Lampung, Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali. The event was filled with three speakers from the Head of MUI Batam, KH Luqman Rifa’I SAg; Lecturer of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, IPB, drh Supratikno MSi; and IHATEC’s Training Manager, Catur Prasetyo S.Tp.

Meanwhile, as secretary of the Polibatam Halal Study Center or Pusat Kajian halal (PKH), Adi Irawan Setiyanto added that many Animal Slaughterers or Juru Sembelih Hewan (Juleha) do not yet have a Juleha certificate. Although there are, the number is limited. PKH Polibatam in the future will hold Juleha training and carry out the Juleha Certification program in collaboration with competency institutions that already have official permits.

Luqman Rifa’I said that the conditions for slaughtering animals were very important in slaughtering. Don’t let the animal run away, hit the slaughterer, get sick, and then die. Or there is an animal being slaughtered whose head moves so that the knife falls many times. “Slaughtering animals in the best way, with a sharp knife, with the right technique. Do not let there be cases like unscrupulous traders, there are chickens that have not died after being slaughtered and have been put in hot water. This is clearly prohibited by the Shari’a,” said one of Luqman’s messages.

Supratikno said that there are many important things that must be considered in the process of slaughtering animals, starting with animal welfare, such as methods or techniques of slaughter, equipment used, waste handling, meat handling, and distribution processes.

Catur Prasetyo menambahkan, Juleha mempunyai syarat termasuk beragama Islam, mengawasi hewan sembelihan, mengawasi penyembelihan berjalan baik, mengecek proses penyembelihan, dan menentukan kehalalan hewan sembelihan.

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